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Do you have an e-commerce? Do you need to use mathematical formula to calculate product price? WooPrice Calculator and Hikaprice Calculator lets you import formulas directly with an Excel file. All you have to do is load the file, match the input fields for products and the job is done!

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multi platform plugins to calculate price.

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This is a really complex calculator involving custom themes, programming interfaces and custom fields. This calculator was given by
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It's a simple calculator but show you how to use Excel to look for warehouse products.
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Showing how to use more then one output fields and how to validate a numeric range. The Excel file includes HLookup and VLookup functions.
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Conditional Logic is used to display fields one after the other. Next fields are not showed until the visitor makes a choice. It has a complex Excel file showing how to calculate the price from multiple sheets.
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How to create a PC Configurator Calculator. Output Fields let you display calculated values (not only price) to your visitors.
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A final price is not calculated, instead, a minimum and maximum price are displayed. Regexare used to validate fields (In this case validate e-mails). Page style is changed by using Custom CSS.
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Doors Selling
Doors Selling
Metal Cutting Service
Metal Cutting Service
Paper Service
Paper Service
PC Configurator
PC Configurator
Travel Agency
Travel Agency

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We start with HikaPrice calculator, a good solution to manage price through formula or Excel Sheet.

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WooPrice Calculator is a solid price calculator plugin for WooCommerce to manage price of your products through formula or Excel Sheet.

WordPress Live Demo

Harness The Power of the Microsoft Excel Engine with
Woo Price Calculator PRO

Woo Price Calculator PRO lets you import formulas directly with an Excel file. All you have to do is load the file, match the fields to a product's characteristics and the job is done!

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HikaPrice Calculator

WooPrice Calculator

What our users say about us

  • Denismiiix

    This allows to use the full power of Excel to calculate prices in WordPress.

    I’m extremely pleased of the development team efficiency solutions. After upgrading to PRO this product allows you to create almost any calculator for WordPress in 5-30 minutes. Including the price lists based on the table.
    I sincerely hope further development of the project and I wish good luck to the developers.

  • Alexrow

    Excellent customer care.

    They have listened to my feedback and improved the plag-in.

  • Yourwp

    Very easy but powerful

    Easy to install & configure but very powerfull.

  • Dimitris K.

    Plugin is working as descibred and much better!

    Very professional group of developers with excellent support and Communication.
    They helped me very quick to resolve some issues and respond instantly in my querce.

  • Proservegh

    Simple plugin to use

    Save lot of many on premium woocomerce plugins.

  • Thraser

    Excellent product options plugin

    Great Plugin ! Effective and easy to use!


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