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Hika Price Calculator PRO lets you import formulas directly with an Excel file. All you have to do is load the file, match the input fields for products and the job is done!

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Harness The Power of
the Microsoft Excel Engine

Our Price Calculator PRO lets you import formulas directly with an Excel file. All you have to do is load the file, match the fields to a product's characteristics and the job is done!

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  • PHP7 compatible
  • Allows to assign a calculator to products and/or categories
  • Enables you to write formula or map Excel Sheet using WooCommerce product price as input for calculations
  • Provides “Choose an Option” button instead “Add to cart” button for WPC assigned products.
  • Allows to write formula with fields
  • Allows to create unlimited fields
  • Provides 3 custom themes (Bootstrap, UIkit)
  • Allows to sort product fields
  • Provides the facility to translate fields labels and fields values
  • Allows to upload Microsoft Excel Sheet
  • Shows/edits the parameters in cart
  • Shows the parameters chosen in checkout
  • Shows the parameters chosen in order details
  • Allows to see order details in WooCommerce backend
  • Adv “Powered By” link in products
  • WordPress Hook to override product price

What our users say about us

  • Denismiiix

    This allows to use the full power of Excel to calculate prices in WordPress.

    I’m extremely pleased of the development team efficiency solutions. After upgrading to PRO this product allows you to create almost any calculator for WordPress in 5-30 minutes. Including the price lists based on the table.
    I sincerely hope further development of the project and I wish good luck to the developers.

  • Alexrow

    Excellent customer care.

    They have listened to my feedback and improved the plag-in.

  • Yourwp

    Very easy but powerful

    Easy to install & configure but very powerfull.

  • Dimitris K.

    Plugin is working as descibred and much better!

    Very professional group of developers with excellent support and Communication.
    They helped me very quick to resolve some issues and respond instantly in my querce.

  • Proservegh

    Simple plugin to use

    Save lot of many on premium woocomerce plugins.

  • Thraser

    Excellent product options plugin

    Great Plugin ! Effective and easy to use!


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