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11 - Product Image Logic Addon


PILA (Product Image Login Add-on) New Powerful add-on


This new add-on called PILA is available in the beta test version for Woo Price Calculator PRO version. If you would like to take part in our beta test program, please contact us by our live chat. By this way, you will receive any detail about the downloading and installation procedure.

The Product Image Logic Addon lets you change the WooCommerce product image in real-time based on the field's value chosen by the customer.

The Product Image Logic is not included in WPC, but it's a separated addon.

1. Installation Requirements

  • WooPrice Calculator Free or WooPrice Calculator Pro version equal or greater than 2.3.0. You can follow the instruction here how to install it.

2. Installation

  1. Go to "Plugins > Add new" in your WP-admin website
  2. Click on "Upload Plugin" then click on "Browse..." and select the file ""
  3. After the plugin has been installed, click on "Activate"

If you have any problems, first check:

  1. If you have proper permissions/ownership of the folders and files inside "/wp-content/plugins/awspc-product-image-logic"
  2. If you have disabled the WP_DEBUG by setting define( 'WP_DEBUG', false ); in your "/wp-config.php" (more information available here)

2. Usage

You can add product images by following these steps:

  1. Click on the "Calculator" tab
  2. Click on the drop-down "Edit" button of your calculator where you want to apply the Product Image Logic
  3. Click on "Product Image Logic"
  4. In this page, you can add new images by clicking on "Add Rule". Each image has its own associated rule. If rule conditions are met the associated image will be shown to the customer.
  5. After clicking on "Add Rule" a popup window will be displayed where:
    • Name: A descriptive name of the rule
    • Image: The Wordpress Media Library will open by clicking on the image. Select the image you want to display.
    • Rules: Create the rule that makes the image appear on the WooCommerce Product Page. The rules follow the same behavior of the Conditional Logic
  6. Click on "Save" to create the new rule
  7. You need to enable the Product Image Logic feature by clicking on "Enable Product Image Logic" on the Product Image Logic form. If you want to disable it, you need to click on "Disable Product Image Logic".
Note: If you set two or more non-strict rules only one image will be shown. For example:
  • Rule 1: Set Image="Picture_1.png" when "Height >= 100"
  • Rule 2: Set Image="Picture_2.png" when "Height >= 300"
As you can understand if the customer put "Height = 500", both rules are met. So only one of this will be the winner. In this case, you can "strict" your rules:
  • Rule 1: Set Image="Picture_1.png" when "Height >= 100 AND Height < 300"
  • Rule 2: Set Image="Picture_2.png" when "Height >= 300"

F.A.Q (constantly updated)

How many fields can I create?

WPC Free and WPC Prod allow you to create unlimited fields.

How to install WooPrice Calculator?

If you have already installed the Free version check the documentation here.

If you need to install the Free or Pro version for the first time check the documentation here.

Is WPC compatible with PHP 7?

Yes, WPC is compatible with PHP 7.

Does WPC stop working after the subscription expires?

No, WPC will continue working. But after subscription expires you don't have any support and you'll not be able to get further updates (new features or bugfixes).

How can I create/customize templates for my product page?

Please following the documentation here.

How can I create fields?

You can create fields by following the instructions here.

How can I create a mathematical formula for the calculator?

You can create the formula by following the instructions here

How can I create a calculator from excel?

You can create the calculator by following the instructions here

How can I customize the CSS style?

You can customize the CSS style by following the instructions here

How can I translate labels and values of fields?

You can find translation instructions here

How can I create conditional formulas?

You can do it with Excel Sheet. With Excel, you can write conditional formulas "=IF()" and assign inputs fields and output price to your products.
Take a look at our WPC PRO here

Can WPC calculate any excel formulas?

Check if your formula works in WPC uploading your spreadsheet file directly in our live demo.

Why do I see a blank page or an empty area?

If you are working with WPC and you see a blank page or an empty area of the screen then it means there could be some errors but WordPress doesn't let see you them.

To show those errors you need to:

  1. Edit via FTP the file "wp-config.php", change define( 'WP_DEBUG', false ); to define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ); For more information click here
  2. Go again where you saw the blank page or the empty area. Now you should be able to see the errors.
  3. Maybe you can solve the problem on your own because most times it's a PHP extension missing on your server, a permission/ownership file problem, etc). But if you don't understand the error make a screenshot and open a new support request in the forum and we'll be happy to help you.

Which supported spreadsheet formats can I use in WPC?

WPC allow you to upload Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice spreadsheet files.

Can WooPrice Calculator and WooCommerce Variable Products work together?

WooPrice Calculator and WooCommerce Variable Products have the same target: calculate the price based on the user input. Because they do the same thing, but in a different way (ex: WooCommerce doesn't support Excel calculation) they are practically incompatible. This means you should select "Simple Product". If you have already a "Variable Product" then you should move your WooCommerce Variable Product Fields to WooPrice Calculator Fields. You should decide if you want to use WooCommerce Variable Products or WooPrice Calculator, but you will encounter problems if you try to make them work together.

Why does the price show as "0" or doesn't show on the product at all, if there is no default price set?

  • If the price is "0" or it doesn't show at all could be because your Wordpress theme is incompatible. This kind of problem is solvable by reading here.
  • If the Fields are set as "required" and don't have a Default Value, when the product appears on the webpage,  the Fields will expect an input from the user before showing the price and if there is no value entered until then, the price will be calculated as "0". But the client won't be able to purchase until he sets up his choice on the fields. Try to set your fields as "Required" => No.

What are the available payment methods to buy WPC?

You can buy WPC using Paypal or Credit Card.


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