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Constant and parameters for formulas

2 years 7 months ago #1889 by matthieuh
matthieuh replied the topic: Constant and parameters for formulas
density is a specific value for each carpet.

The para meters for formulas are:
Widht and Lengh -> entered on fornt end by customer
Unit price -> base price (P) entered in Woocommerce standard price field
density (d) -> entered by admin when creating the product (unit = kg/m2)

Output field:
selling price = W * L * P
Weight = W * L * d (Will be used to calculate freight cost

-> I can imagine some solution but in any case i would need to be able to get a parameter in product record to be able to get density:
What are the Woocommerce fields you areable to pass/map in Excel sheet ? Only base price ?
Getting SKU could be a huge step forward as i could have a SKU/density table inside excel sheet.

Would it be possible to map a ACF (Advanced Custom Field) or other custom field to a WP variable ?

Idealy i would need to have the following screen allowinf admin to specify density value in product.
This would be a huge improvment avoinding in many case to have to maintain hundreds of formulas instead of one.

-> any suggestion to pass "parameters" from the product to the formula ? ( just like you do with base-price.)


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2 years 7 months ago #1882 by Paul
Paul replied the topic: Constant and parameters for formulas

Actually you can't define Global parameters.
But reading your example I have some question for you and a probably a solution.
- What's the formula to calculate the density?
- Does the density depend on some fixed values?
- Do you know that you can use the excel for more products if they have use the same formula?

If you your density value doesn't depend on fixed values you can use the same formula for any product. This formula has to be inserted in the excel you will import in your calculator.
So you will have something like this: Carpet-density formula * W * C

If this solution can't help you. I guess you will need to write on this link: to ask for this new feature.

We will be waiting for your feed back.

Best Regards

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2 years 7 months ago #1871 by matthieuh
matthieuh created the topic: Constant and parameters for formulas
I didn't find any obvious way to manage what could i call “formula-parameters” outside the excel sheet allowing to create more generic and easy-to-maintain at product level.

Is there a way to define Global parameters (Constant value available for ALL formulas ? for example .. USD/EUR exchange rate.
Formula-Specific Parameter that could be defined per product in the backend ?

I am admin of the ecommerce.
My store manager are not really able to make an excel sheet and create wooprices formulas for specific products so i need to create formulas and allow them to use it.

In order to make more generic formulas i wonder if there is a way to define "formula backend parameters”.

An example:

I sell carpet by m2 (square meter)
Customer enter Lengh and Width, and formula calculate Selli price = W*C*Base_price
And substitute the weight of the carpet (for freight calculation purpose) with: Carpet-density * W * C

I have 100 kind different carpet, each one with a different carpet-density. The calculation is always the same formula but the Carpet-density is a product-level parameter.

Ideally, i would create only one formula with a parameter called "carpet-density" entered at product level for each-one of the 100 carpet.

Doing this way i would manage only ONE excel sheet for all the carpet and let the store manager enter and maintain product parameter in backend without the necessity to make a specific excel sheet or need my help ...


How can i achieve that ?

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