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Woo price calculator for variable products(wallpapers).

3 months 6 days ago #2619 by snehal
snehal created the topic: Woo price calculator for variable products(wallpapers).
Hi! I have a woocommerce store that has wallpapers as the products, the products are not simple but variable products. I just need to configure the products for minimum width, as the wallpaper comes with different finishes, I’ve created variations and for each variation/finish the minimum width is different and this affect the price as well.
Here is the detailed explaination.
I have a wallpaper as a product, for which customers need to select a finish/material, there are total 7-8 materials, for each material, the pricing is different. As soon as they select the material, two inputs fields need to appear i.e., width and height. Customers can enter their inputs in centimeters, but there is one limitation. There is minimum value for width and height. So, for every material, the minimum dimensions are different. How can I achieve this feature for my products. As I've created the material as attributes with the 8 terms (brushed, matte, etc.) and I've created variations with these attributes. As for each material, the pricing per square meter is different. And the last step is whether customers need installation or not. There is some cost involved if they want the installation. This has to be added to the sq.mater pricing (total price). And then the customer can add the product to cart.
I want to know if this is possible with this plugin. And if we can implment this feature with simple products if not not variable products. Please refer to the attachment. I need to implement something like that.

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