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[CLOSED] some questions.. tooltips, values, output

  • Ataur Rahman
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2 years 3 weeks ago #818 by Ataur Rahman
Ataur Rahman replied the topic: [CLOSED] some questions.. tooltips, values, output
Hello DonQuichotte,
There are 3 requested answer is given below
1) There is no tooltip feature in WPC, you can use whatever tooltip plugins or tooltip scripts you want for making a tooltip.
2) Radio values should contain only the values. Logic should be done by using the spreadsheet or formula. The spreadsheet will contain the different values/prices. To use radio buttons please check this documentation page:
3) "awspc-output-product" div should be inside the "wpc-product-form" div. If problem exit after doing these step then we need to have FTP/WP-admin credentials.

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2 years 4 weeks ago #805 by DonQuichotte
DonQuichotte created the topic: [CLOSED] some questions.. tooltips, values, output
i have some questions..

1.) I made a custom theme for the calculator, but i am not sure how to use the tooltip feature with my theme..

2.) How can i use the values from a radio group field for calculations? (if $aws_price_calc_n value_n) conditions..

While i want to print stickers, the customer has to choose a material (glossy, transparent etc.) , form of the stickers (square, round etc.) , height, width and so on.

differnt materials have different prices / squaremeter.. also the form of the sickers with the measurment has diferrent prices based on the used place..

3.) i added "<div class="awspc-output-product" ></div>" on the end of the page, but i don't see any output there (Only change is from display:none to display: block;, i tried also to use the value outputfields manually, but they are updating only on siterefresh.


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