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cost of goods

6 months 1 week ago #2584 by David Boyle
David Boyle replied the topic: cost of goods
Hello Juri Knodel
When there are speed problems the reason why could be in many places.
Our experience suggests to us that our plug-in is quite fast.
We could be interested to find the origin and to fix it but you know this is not for free.
In these cases, we ask for a live chat meeting (paid in advance) where you will show when the problem comes out and which is the maximum responding time could accept.
Of course before having a chat we need to enter inside your pre-production website to have a look so we could be prepared for the live chat meeting.

Regarding the other request if you send us credentials we could try to understand better what you mean.
To send credentials and any other restricted information use the contact us form at the link

Let me know if you like to learn more about our 8 unfolded levels of support.

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6 months 1 week ago #2583 by Juri Knodel
Juri Knodel created the topic: cost of goods

I´m using the calculator and its work slow but it works to calculate my products price. Is it also possible to calculate the cost of goods to see the profit in the order overview ?

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