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Weight with base weight with decimals

2 weeks 2 days ago #2889 by david
david replied the topic: Weight with base weight with decimals
Hi Ina Schindler,
We are confident that the plug works fine and probably in your environment was made some inconsistency in the configuration process.
In this case, booking the pre-paid live chat support is not a risk for you for paying fruitless because of our live chat support policy.

I think that the € 24.00 module of 15 minutes will be enough to understand what you did and where there was an inconsistency.

And remember that your payment is protected by PayPal
Under these conditions:

* If during the chat, we realize you experimented with a bug to be fixed, we will refund you full payment of the booked chat.
* If during the live chat you will express your dissatisfaction regarding the live chat, you have the right to request a full refund of the booked chat.

Let me know if you need more details about our 8 levels of support options now available or you agree to accept our invoice

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2 weeks 3 days ago #2887 by Ina Schindler
Ina Schindler created the topic: Weight with base weight with decimals

Can the weight with base weight e.g. 0.6 kg, (i.e. with decimal places) be calculated dynamically based on the user input (e.g. for width x length) with multiplication (width x length x 0.21) and sent to the shopping cart?
I have created an example in your demo shop, ( ), but the weight is not calculated in the output field, it remains on a value.

thank you for an answer,
regards, S.I.

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