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Conditional Logic is not working for outputs

1 month 3 weeks ago #2738 by David Boyle
David Boyle replied the topic: Conditional Logic is not working for outputs
Hi, Matthieuh,
Starting from today, December 1st, we changed our support policy.
When you need more explanations or any other kind of support, even if it seems an issue, you should book a chat with one of our specialists.
The smallest time-slot is 15 minutes and each time-slot will cost you 24.00 Euros to be paid in advance.
For customers that already paid one of our invoices in October or November, we will apply a discount of 8.00 euros.
This discount may be applied if you will provide us the invoice you already paid.
If during the chat, we realize you met a bug to be fixed, we will refund you the entire payment.
If you will accept an eventually customization proposal, the previous payments will be fully discounted.
If you are not interested in this commercial policy, please link to our refund policy to get money back.

We are also available to customize the plugIN into your application and for more detail, please link at our customization policy.

In this kind of development, you may ask even turnkey solutions.

best regards

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2 months 1 week ago #2731 by matthieuh
matthieuh created the topic: Conditional Logic is not working for outputs
Hello team!

We're using a custom theme and I copied the code to show the output fields following the example.php file:
<div class="awspc-output-product col-12">
        <?php foreach($this->view['outputResults'] as $outputFieldId => $outputResult): ?>
			<div class="awspc-output-result-row <?php echo $outputResult['fieldName']; ?>" style="<?php echo (count($this->view['errors']) != 0)?"display:none":"" ?>">
				<span class="awspc-output-result-label"><b><?php echo $outputResult['field']->short_label; ?></b>: </span>
				<span class="awspc-output-result-value"><?php echo $outputResult['value']; ?></span>
		<?php endforeach; ?>

And I don't know why, but the conditional logic is not working using this code. You can check it following the steps below:

1. Access this product:
2. Access the dashboard.
3. Go to FCO Tatame Calculator and go to the conditional logic session
4. You will see the hide fields there ( with id 2, for example, should be hidden ), but it's appearing in the front end.

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