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Best Cases

These best-cases can help you to setup your WooPrice and HikaPrice Calculators.
They include video tutorials, spreadsheet files and the calculators in ZIP file format which you can import in your website directly.

How to create a PC Configurator Calculator. Output Fields let you display calculated values (not only price) to your visitors.
A final price is not calculated, instead, a minimum and maximum price are displayed. Regex are used to validate fields (In this case validate e-mails). Page style is changed by using Custom CSS.
Showing how to use more then one output fields and how to validate a numeric range. The Excel file includes HLookup and VLookup functions.

It's a simple calculator but show you how to use Excel to look for warehouse products.
This is a really complex calculator involving custom themes, programming interfaces and custom fields. This calculator was given by
Conditional Logic is used to display fields one after the other. Next fields are not showed until the visitor makes a choice. It has a complex Excel file showing how to calculate the price from multiple sheets.


Total : 0.00 €