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Hika Price Calculator User Manual

9 - Conditional Logic

Through this, you can show or hide HPC fields based on the other field values. If you want to enable the conditional logic:

  1. Click on the drop-down button of your HPC calculator:

  2. Click on the “Conditional logic” button:
    • Enabled: If you want to enable the conditional logic, set it to “Yes”
    • Show or Hide fields: In the left box, add the fields you want to show on the product page. In the right box, add the fields that you want to hide on the product page.
    • Rules: Select the field you want to show/hide by clicking on “Edit”. In the modal box you can insert the rules that defined the behavior: If the field is shown/hidden and the rule is met, the field will be hidden/shown respectively. You can create complex rules by using this system.

Conditional logic will set "0" on mapped cells when input fields are hidden. This means you need to provide your Excel file a formula to manage it.


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