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Hika Price Calculator User Manual

1 - Install - HPC

For the successful installation, your web server must have the following:
  • Your PHP version must be greater or equal to 5.6
  • You must install the PHP ZipArchive Extension
  • You must install the PHP Xml Extension
  • Your website database must be UTF-8 encoding
  • Your CMS must be using UTF-8 encoding

Follow these steps to install HikaPrice Calculator for Joomla!:

  1. Install HikaShop: Read here the instructions how to install HikaShop
  2. Read here the instructions how to install a Joomla! plugin
  3. Activate the following plugins: "HikaPrice Calculator - Ajax" and "HikaPrice Calculator - Hikashop"
  4. Click on “Hikashop > Configuration > Checkout tab” and than click on “Save”: This will let HikaPrice Calculator override Hikashop themes.
  5. The calculator will be installed successfully
  • HPC is compatible with PHP 7.

Notice: Customizations are temporarily suspended


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