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Woo Price Calculator User Manual

16.3 - jQuery Triggers - WPC

It's possible to create custom jQuery functions to extend WooPrice Calculator features. If you need to add custom Javascript to your website you could install this plugin.

  • awspcBeforeCalculatePrice: This function is called before the price calculation.
  • awspcAfterCalculatePrice: This function is called after the price calculation.
  • awspcAjaxCalculatePrice [WPC >= 2.3.0]: This function is called before the Ajax request is sent
  • awspcAjaxCalculatePriceSuccess [WPC >= 2.3.0]: This function is called after the Ajax request is sent (Request success)
Working examples:

Trigger "awspcBeforeCalculatePrice"

jQuery(document).bind("awspcBeforeCalculatePrice", function(ev){
	alert("Message before price calculation");

Trigger "awspcAfterCalculatePrice"

jQuery(document).bind("awspcAfterCalculatePrice", function(ev){
	alert("Message after price calculation");

Trigger "awspcAjaxCalculatePrice"

jQuery(document).bind("awspcAjaxCalculatePrice", function(ev){
	alert("Message before ajax request is sent");

Trigger "awspcAjaxCalculatePriceSuccess"

Using this function is possible to retrive request parameters:

  • result.price: The calculated price
  • result.erros: List of fields errors
  • result.errorsCount: Number of fields with errors
  • result.outputFields: Output fields
  • result.conditionalLogic: Calculated Conditional Logic


jQuery(document).bind("awspcAjaxCalculatePriceSuccess", function(ev, args){
    alert("Message after ajax request is sent (success), fields with error: " + args.result.errorsCount);


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